​​​Hope Anger Management, LLC.

Hi! My name is Hope A. Scott. I’m a precious, tiny and independent doggie. They say that I march to my own little drum and have nicknamed me “cutie” because of my cute prancing/hopping walk. I like my bed and rest in it throughout the day and sleep there peacefully in my office.  I’m a lap dog, but I am a very sweet girl and a nice companion for my mommy's clients. 

Our Therapist 

Valaria Scott MS, HS, CART

Valaria Scott is the President and CEO of Hope Anger Management Organization. Valaria received her Masters in Human Services and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Argosy University.  Valaria has held positions at Richland County School District, Lexington/Richland District Five, Barrow County Public Schools and Gwinnett County Public Schools from 2008-2017. Today, Valaria is a mentor at Barrow County Public Schools and is a volunteer in her community for several youth programs. Her passion is to make a difference in life of a child. Valaria developed her Anger Management and social skills curriculum from her personal life experiences and working with special needs children in public schools.

Valaria holds a certification as an Anger Resolution Therapist (CART), Family Violence Facilitator and Drug & Alcohol Assessor and is registered in 50 states. With Valaria’s optimistic attitude and determined drive to help clients overcome their anger; many lives have been touched, challenged and changed in the process. This will incorporate our slogan, Helping Overcome Personal Emotions (HOPE). Valaria believes thinking positive will align the mind, body and spirit. Valaria’s approach entails genuine caring, acceptance, and non-judgmental communication.

Valaria Scott assists adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including public/private schools, half way houses and online (Skype) sessions.